Lex India is highly equipped with skilled specialists that can help clients in the following areas;

  • Structural finance and securitization
  • Telecommunication Media and Technology {TMT}
  • Matters that relate to IPR
  • Mergers
  • Property
  • Infrastructure tasks such as equipment lease/supply agreements, privatization projects, concessional license agreements, covering, operations, and maintenance projects.
  • Project financing
  • Private placements
  • Giving opinions and general advice according to property and corporate laws.
  • Providing Euro-Bonds such as FCCBs and GDRs
  • Advising Funds
  • Providing Debt instruments internationally and locally
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Commercial documentation
  • Banking and Finance
  • Technical and financial Collaboration
  • Capital markets internationally and locally
  • Securities and Civil related arbitration and litigation
  • International and domestic Acquisitions
  • Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency resolutions

Lex India Juris have provided clients from different industrial sectors with efficient services. Such sectors as;

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Steel and Cement
  • Oil and gas
  • Media
  • Textiles
  • Real Estates
  • Aviation
  • IT or ITES telecommunications
  • ¬†Infrastructure
  • Power Generation

Foreign Direct Investment

The 1991 Industrial Policy made it possible to liberalize the Indian financial Economy. This policy paved a path for billions of dollars to reach India in the form of Foreign Direct ...

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Public Issues

Since the Indian economy is among the fastest growing ones globally, it requires investment in both debt and equity. Immediately a company has developed their business models and projects; the next thing will be the capital to take them ...

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Mergers and Acquisition

Our associates work as representatives of both the transferees and transferors during mergers and acquisition and other...

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Telecommunications, Technology, and Media

The ever-increasing global need for entertainment products and easy access to the Internet has created exceptional growth and creating unprecedented opportunities for producers of content and the distributors.

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Foreign currency convertible bonds and global depository receipts

India has been utilizing foreign investment since the time of the British Raj. Even though the post-independence legislation agreed that Indian industries needed the influx of foreign capital, as well as technology investments, some ...

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Private Equity

There has been a massive growth in the Indian market private equities. It is more pronounced in the companies that provide Information Technology. They are the sector that has gained from the investments through venture capital funds.

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Debt Market

Lex India Juris is experts when it comes to debt finance no matter the type of currency that is involved; foreign or rupee, structured or syndicated, we are capable of handling them all. We also have extensive experience in project financing.

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Legal Due Diligence

For a company to attain efficiency in corporate transactions, there is the need for a proper investigation, meticulous risk analysis, commercial, legal and financial due diligence.

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Power Projects, Emerging Technologies, and Infrastructure

It is not easy to develop a power plant successfully. You will need a full understanding of every regulatory and statutory requirement, the needs of all the key principal parties in the...

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Corporate Restructuring & Insolvency Resolution Process

There may come a time when a company may wish to restructure to either accommodate the present situation or to achieve better efficiency. Sometimes, there may be financial challenges due to the volatility of the business environment.

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Our team of legal practitioners provides every client with services that cover every legal discipline and other fast-growing sectors.

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