Corporate Restructuring & Insolvency Resolution Process

There may come a time when a company may wish to restructure to either accommodate the present situation or to achieve better efficiency. Sometimes, there may be financial challenges due to the volatility of the business environment. Few businesses fight these situations, but for those few that are not able to fight these difficulties, there are several available options for them.

Our team is highly equipped to help clients in any type of restructuring no matter the complexities and the processes it involves. We are highly qualified to provide both the directors and shareholders with the necessary advice that open their eyes to the effects of the changes they will undergo.
Our team of specialists can provide the best legal strategy which they can use. This strategy will help them to manage the risks and also create new avenues for sourcing finance. This method will help to protect the client’s business and to help them with the dissolution of the business if it is necessary.

Our corporate team has extensive connections with banks, insolvency practitioners and other relevant professionals that can support our firm with pragmatic advice. We carry out our client’s recovery and restructuring according to their business’s financial and economic situation. We assist them in the following activities;

Formal Restructuring:

Through this process, we can provide assistance and advice to our clients. We ensure that the process of restructuring implementation is carried out through the tribunal or formal court.
We ensure that the strategy formulation also goes according to the prevalent regulatory, legal, policy framework, the creation of schemes, and legal representation in tribunals and courts.
Our team also advise the client regarding the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Code of 2016 which includes the insolvency and restructuring process as it contains.
We make our clients understand what they will benefit from restructuring. We also provide them with the needed advice in the regulatory, legal and structuring options available to them.
We assist and advise our clients during the negotiations, drafting, and conclusion of the important transaction documents such as resolutions, applications, and petitions.

Informal Restructuring:

We advise our clients about informal restructuring which lenders facilitate under regulatory frameworks like the Reserve Bank of India, Joint Lenders Forum {JLF}, Corporate Debt Restructuring {CDR}, Scheme for Sustainable Structuring of Assets {S4A} and Strategic Debt Restructuring {SDR}.
During the informal restructuring, we help our clients with negotiating, drafting and the finalization of the restructuring transaction documents and plans such as Inter-Creditor Agreements, Debtor-Creditor Agreements, and Master Restructuring Agreements.

Exit Strategy:

Lex India Juris work fully with the clients during the structuring and implementation of an exit strategy for their investors through a demerger, auction, slump sale and strategic sale.
We help our clients to structure an exit strategy and divestment and also assist them in negotiations, drafting and conclusion of the relevant transaction documents.

Advice to Key Managerial Personnel and Directors

We advise management personnel and directors regarding their obligations and liabilities that arose due to restructuring and processes of the formal and informal insolvency.

Security Enforcement

We help our clients when they want to implement and enforce the available security mechanisms for lenders. Such mechanisms that are guided by the legal, regulatory and policy framework like the Recovery of Debts Due to Banks and Financial Institutions Act of 1993 and others
We also create strategies and advice our clients on various ways of security enforcement which includes enforcement actions, according to the client’s requirements.


We also assist and advise our clients on the processes of liquidation that is available to the debtors according to the Regulatory and policy framework found in the Companies act of 2013 & Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code of 2016.

Dispute Resolution

Lex India Juris represents our clients before the courts, tribunals or judicial and quasi-judicial authorities. Moreover, we help them to formulate and structure strategies on how to handle litigation and dispute resolution processes.
Our team advise and assist clients in creating strategies, drafting, negotiations and gathering relevant documents which they will need during litigation and resolution for applying, petitioning, settlements, and compromises.

Our Approach to Work

Our firm has a unique approach to our work with clients, and this has made us renowned for efficiency. Such approaches like;

Planning properly

we are careful to understand the specific requirement of our clients. This will enable us to draft a series of services that can meet the client’s needs at an affordable price.

Holistic and Tactical Reasoning

since we are aware of the environment, we assist our clients to observe the bigger picture. Throughout the processes of every transaction, we follow our client step by step.

Careful Documentation

Our services are high-quality, and we deliver efficient and speedy services.

Diligent Monitoring

Our team of specialists check the project’s progress meticulously and regularly. We also make changes to our approach if it is required.

Quality Reviews

Our partners are always available to make sure that the services we provide to clients are up to standard. They are always carrying out meticulous reviews on any project at hand.

Progress Updates

Our firm has an outstanding customer care system. We make sure that our clients gets updates regularly throughout their project.

No matter the type of services you may require in any sector regardless of the procedure, Lex India Juris is always ready to deliver it promptly and efficiently.
Our team is always supportive and stays by your side to encourage you. We make sure that your requirements for insolvency and restructuring process are appropriately executed legally and after completion, notification and filing follows.

Our Speciality

Our team of legal practitioners provides every client with services that cover every legal discipline and other fast-growing sectors.

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