Legal Due Diligence

For a company to attain efficiency in corporate transactions, there is the need for a proper investigation, meticulous risk analysis, commercial, legal and financial due diligence.

The required legal issues that you will face in these transactions are employment and litigation issues, compliances and regulatory approvals, real and intellectual property.

Lex India has provided legal due diligence services across various sectors for companies, private equity funds, venture capitalists, mergers and acquisition transactions, companies venturing into public issues, property and private equity transactions.


Our team of specialists is always in charge of the due diligence process to quicken the transaction. We make sure that the investigation, collection, and analysis of every document and data collected are thorough. We also ensure that our clients get the best due diligence engagement regarding cost and other factors. We aim to discover the impact which the due diligence will have on the business of our clients. We will analyze the material gaps, contingencies, and unseen costs by checking the available information, the potential risk that the business will face and the ongoing commitments on the business.

Lex India also provide the reversal of due diligence for our clients. We encourage our clients to look at their businesses objectively, identify the regulatory or legal challenges and develop strategies to handle them.

Our Speciality

Our team of legal practitioners provides every client with services that cover every legal discipline and other fast-growing sectors.

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