Private Equity

There has been a massive growth in the Indian market private equities. It is more pronounced in the companies that provide Information Technology. They are the sector that has gained from the investments through venture capital funds.


You can secure private equity investments at different stages in the life of your business enterprise. It may be in form angel or seed funding during the early stage of business or come as growth finance for expansion in the later stages of your business. It can also serve as funding for buy-outs or buy-ins of already established enterprises by the management of a company.

In every business investment, there is the need to have parties that can understand the investment purpose, the complexities that are involved in the transaction, the goals and objectives which the private investor and the company want to achieve respectively.


That is why you need Lex India since we provide the necessary legal services that aid the private equity funds establishment, venture capital investments, management buy-ins, public to private investments and management buy-outs. We advise our clients who want to invest in India on how to structure their investments through offshore firms or directly. We also help them with the stand-off clauses in the market and proffer solutions to the conditions which investors impose.
With our vast experience in commercial and corporate matters, we provide advisory services to our clients on such matters such as Private Interest In Public Enterprise {PIPE} and Private Equity Transactions {PE}. We make sure that our clients follow in all the processes. Our associates help clients to create new funds due diligence, acquisition of the funds and disposals. Other areas we provide help to our clients are reorganizations, acquisitions, recapitalization and investing in private or public companies either by domestic or foreign investors. Even at the conclusion of the transactions, our team is always on hand to provide help with any regulatory compliance. We make sure that our clients get the help they need to summarize the negotiations and final exit.

The main reason you need our services is that every stage of the investment lifecycle has its unique challenges. From the investigation, purchasing, holding an asset, to disposing of an asset, you need advisors that will guide you for a successful outcome.

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