Power Projects, Emerging Technologies, and Infrastructure

It is not easy to develop a power plant successfully. You will need a full understanding of every regulatory and statutory requirement, the needs of all the key principal parties in the project and also know how the market works. It means that you have to understand what the finance providers, project developers, and the equipment suppliers expect and what motivates them.

Lex India have assisted different companies in their renewable sources of energy which includes biomass, hydro, wind, and solar energy. We also help out with hybrid projects of wind and solar and wind and diesel.


Lex India also help in the drafting and negotiations of Power Purchase Agreements {PPA}, O&M contracts, BIG contract, EPC, service contracts, financial agreements, consultant contracts, and additional supporting contracting arrangements for the project. We also provide advisory services to our clients on regulatory and statutory requirements.
We assist some of our clients who handle State Government projects like development of roadways, ports, highways on BOT, BOLT or BOOT basis. We provide the clients with the documents they require for these projects, the concession license agreements, proposals, etc.

Our firm also provides various services to companies that are trying to open SEZs. We help them in land acquisition for the needed SEZ, securing approvals from state and central Government authorities, foreign investments in SEZ, drafting of documents containing the arrangement between the co-developers and developers, units and developers, service providers, advisory services that relate to entertainment.

Developing new technologies for water and waste management is one of the growing sectors. Investing in alternative safe disposal means for water management and municipal waste disposal is a viable investment opportunity. Some of the projects in this sector are management projects that span across dams constructions, pipeline laying, rivers interlinking harvesting of rainwater, rural and urban irrigation and treatment of wastewater.

Our firm has the necessary experience to help clients in any of these activities. We have helped many clients to negotiate and also carry out due diligence on any of these projects.

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